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NEWS 2010

Maria Matilde has siblings! Book you puppy NOW!

December 15th, 2010 were born gordon setter´s puppies in DAMA Krkonoše Kennel. Puppies are healthy and they enjoy care of their (and Maria Matilde´s) mother. Very perspective liaison promises excellent health, character, exterier and working expectations.  
Mother of puppies is Sarmando Dream Erica, the bitch with many show ´s and working successes, imported from Latvia, daughter of excellent parents. Her mother is Reila Scottish Leader and father Kingpoint Even So. Erica is Czech junior champion, Czech champion, Czech grandchampion, Slovak champion, Austrian champion, Interchampion, Czech champion of champions 2008/9. She passed Czech pointer & setter club´s exam od hunting abilities with CACT title and stud working exams in Germany too. She is fullteeth and HD 0/0... Father of puppies is approved universal dog Dastin DAMA Krkonoše. His father is Tramp from Lady´s Place and mother Asta z Hodůnky. He passed autumn and universal (all-round) hunting exams and his perfect working abilities are tested in hunting practice. He is Czech champion and Interchampion too. He is fullteeth and HD 0/0.

More information you can find on webpages of DAMA Krkonoše Kennel HERE or contact breeder Mrs Kvetuse Kocurova by e-mail:

Maria Matilde Scotch DAMA Krkonoše

celebrates her second birthday.

Maria Matilde is first of all healthy, joyful and friendly dog, at any time ready to take a part in whatever activity of human or doggy pack. She is not strong-drilled hunting dog, but she is holder of working title CACT. Also she is not home-pet or dog shows model only.
Résumé of Maria´s  dog show´s evaluations:
4x Junior CAC, 10x CAC, 1x CACA, 3x National Winner, 6x CACIB, 1x res.CACIB, 1x Special Show Winner and 8x BOB. She is Czech Junior Champion of Beauty.

Maria Matilde, thanks and all the best!

International Dog Show České Budějovice

Judge: Mr. Josef Němec (CZ)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB.

Maria Matilde reached for this success thanks to Martin´s excellent handling too. Please see more information  concerning  Martin´s  kennel Lymarkos. Thanks for a picture to Karolina from kennel z Holubické stráně .

National Dog Show Brno

Judge: Mr. Josef Němec (CZ)

Open Class: Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner.

Maria Matilde took a part in this show only thanks to help of dear friends from  Irish Setter Kennel Red Joker  and  English Setter Kennel Lymarkos. Many Thanks!

International Dog Show Mladá Boleslav

Judge: Mr. Josef Hejda (CZ)

Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB.

Thanks for a picture to Jiřina and Jiří from kennel z Dvorku Čamourku .

National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav

Judge: Mr. Vlado Piskay (SK)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB.

In this show took a part Maria´s "half-sister" Nessy Kingdom Scotch DAMA Krkonoše (father of both is Ludstar Kingdom). In youth class she was Excellent 2 with very nice judgement. Congratulation to Vlčetín!  :o)

International Dog Show Intercanis Brno

Judge: Mrs. Helena Dvořáková (CZ)

Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB.


Czech Pointer & Setter Club Special Show Kunratice
Judge: Mrs. Irena Rafalská (CZ)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, Special Show Winner.

National Dog Show Klatovy

Judge: Mr. Iuza Beradze (Georgia)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB.

International Dog Show Litoměřice

Judge: Mr. Zbyněk Píbl (CZ)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB.

Czech Pointer & Setter Club Show Panenské Břežany

Judge: Mrs. Marina Bengtsson (Sweden)

Intermediate Class: Very Good...

International Dog Show Praha

Judge: Mrs. Helena Dvořáková (CZ)

Working Class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Prague´s Winner, BOB.

As a Best Bitch of Gordon Setters Máňa got a qualification to Cruft´s 2011.

Successes reached Máňa´s younger half-siblings too - bitch Nessy Kingdom Scotch DAMA Krkonoše and dog Nat Kingdom Scotch DAMA Krkonoše. Both were Excellent 1 and CAJC (Junior CAC) in Junior Class.

International Dog Show České Budějovice

Judge: Mr. František Šonka (CZ)

Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

Maria Matilde Scotch DAMA Krkonoše entered into Dam Register
of Czech Pointer & Setter Club by Gordon setter´s Breed Advisor Mr. František Šonka.

She fulfilled all the terms, but of course, we are not in a hurry.

International Dog Show Wieselburg - Austria

Judge: Mrs. Monika Blaha (Austria) 

Working Class: Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB.

First time between adult dogs, first time dog show in foreign country, first time CACIB!

It was dog show premiere for Maria´s half-brother Nat Kingdom Scotch DAMA Krkonose. In Junior Class he got Excellent 1 and Jugendbester.

Evaluation of young hunting dogs, Prague - Horní Počernice, organized by Czech Hunting Union and Czech Pointer & Setter Club.

Gordon setter´s Breed Adviser: Mr. František Šonka  

Type: typical, Colour: black & tan, Framework: medium, Teeth: fullteeth, Occlusion: Scissors Bite, Coat quality: accordant with age, Character: calm, High: 63 cms, Eyes: dark, Ears: normal, Muzzle: normal.

Radiological hip and elbow displazia examination Veterinary clinic LIVE Litoměřice

MVDr. Jiří Vomáčka 

HD: A/A    ED: 0/0

Champion of Champions 2009 - TOP Hotel Praha (CZ)

Judge:  Mr. Josef Němec (CZ)

Maria Matilde Scotch DAMA Krkonoše took a part in this prestigious show of the most successful dogs in the Czech Republic together with her mother Sarmando Dream Erica and her aunt Sarmando Dream Elly.

Great congratulations to mother Erica, which won between gordon setters.

Gordon setter of the year 2009

On the base of Maria Matilde´s show season 2009 results in the Czech Republic, she was placed at third place between bitches, as well as overall. In despite of fact, that she took a part in four dog shows only and in Junior Class, because she celebrated her first birthday on a day of last of these shows. In three of these shows judges evaluated her as BOB.

More information HERE.